Sustainability Solutions to Share with Linchpins # 10

I’m sharing some “million dollar” creative sustainability ideas and you can have them for free.  Be a Linchpin and develop something: ship, ship, ship!

End of Days:

Billboards have been popping up everywhere to notify the world that Judgement Day is coming, as guaranteed by the Bible on May 21, 2011.  We saw a convoy of RV’s with that warning this week on vacation…what a waste of paint!

Date-setting is not a scripturally approved practice, and neither is a gospel of condemnation.  These messages (in my humble opinion)  fall right in line with all the idiots we just saw (on TV) dancing in the streets, celebrating and glorying in the death of Osama Bin Laden…when there’s really no proof for the common man that any of those events occurred as detailed by the media.

Why do we waste our lives exalting death?

Any faith (Christian or Mayan) that sets the end of the world as a date on the calendar is wrong; just mark that day off the list of possibilities.  Why would anyone follow such a religion which has no hope for the future, when there are so many belief systems (from Native Americans to Buddhists) that believe in sustainable generations of humanity and spirituality?

Where’s the Linchpin opportunity?

Someone is going to make a fortune when they finally deliver a worldwide gospel of “good news.” (Ministers like Joel Osteen are only the beginning.)

I remember cringing at the sound of those “damnation” prayers, always begging us to come to the altar for a turn-or-burn conversion.

I didn’t need to be informed about the threat of hell…I was already IN hell.

What I really needed and wanted was an alternative, and someone who could believe that I could become a better human being.

Faith and connection with The Divine is a relationship of Grace and the future is bright, especially since Jesus already came in 1988, and the world already ended on Y2K.

Simple.  Beautiful.  Elegant.  Faithful.  Sustainable!


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