Sustainability Solutions to Share with Linchpins # 29

I’m sharing some “million dollar” creative sustainability ideas and you can have them for free.  Be a Linchpin and develop something: ship, ship, ship!

FAIR Trade:

Pure capitalism can take a perfectly good financial opportunity and abuse it to the point that all of the financial gain is held by the privileged few.  On its extremes, capitalism can foster a type of modern slavery.

You’ve already seen this: it takes three or four minimum wage jobs to make ends meet, so people begin bartering for ridiculous rates, day-labor, or resort to crime, prostitution, or drug dealing.

I’m not really sure what the fair value for an hour of imposing on someone’s party time would be…which is to say that I don’t think anybody “deserves” to get paid in exchange for showing up late, with a bad attitude.

Where’s the Linchpin opportunity?

There are countries where this has already run amuck, and there is where the greatest potential exists for a Linchpin to organize a socially responsible, financially viable, and sustainable enterprise!

Jared (Miller) Angaza started Keza, with these principles in mind.

Keza Jared (Miller) Angaza

You should START something today!

Simple.  Beautiful.  Elegant.  Equitable.  Sustainable!


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