Sustainability Solutions to Share with Linchpins # 33

I’m sharing some “million dollar” creative sustainability ideas and you can have them for free.  Be a Linchpin and develop something: ship, ship, ship!

Better Tech:

We buy lots of really cool electronics devices, but they are not made to recycle very well.  They are essentially a plethora of circuit boards, framework, metals, wires, and sometimes even those nasty heavy metals.

My son likes to take things apart, like this box of components from a PS3 and a DVD player.  This creates quite a mixture of stuff…most of it; junk.

Where’s the Linchpin opportunity?

We need someone to design a cool electronic device that can either be safely planted and composted or that can be recycled by a twelve year old.

Simple.  Beautiful.  Elegant.  Recycle-Friendly.  Sustainable!


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