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  • If you’re lost, go faster
    Going faster increases the chances that you’ll find a landmark and become unlost. This rule has a corollary though: If you’re going the wrong direction, turn around. [And one clarification: sometimes going faster looks a lot like going slower in the short run. Because taking the time to read a map, get your bearings and […]
  • The relationship with the customer
    If you’ve ever bought a mattress online, or a private label product from Amazon, you’ve experienced the value created by the last step. That mattress company didn’t make the mattress. And Amazon doesn’t make light bulbs. There are countless factories vying to sell generic products to the companies that own the customer relationship. Perhaps 90% […]
  • Placebo blindness
    You can go to work offended by the idea that you might traffic in placebos. You can be certain that your aromatherapy, jewelry store, engineering consulting, stereo gear or home improvement practice is 100% performance-based, completely driven by specs, immune to a double-blind study. Or, you can embrace the fact that human beings are 94% […]

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