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  • Three wishes
    When you’re feeling stuck with your project, grab three index cards. On each card, write down an element of the project that, if you invested time and money, would change for the better. If those three things happened, if those three elements improved, what would happen to your project? Okay, now that you’ve got all […]
  • Where will the media take us next?
    Since the first story was carved on a rock, media pundits have explained that they have simply given people what they want, reporting the best they can on what’s happening. Cause (the culture, human activity, people’s desires) leads to effect (front page news). In fact, it’s becoming ever more clear that the attention-seeking, profit-driven media […]
  • Two kinds of system risk
    When you set up a system, it helps to keep in mind what will happen if it doesn’t work. Depending on the costs of ‘not working’, you can build more resilience into the system. In most cases, ‘not working’ isn’t catastrophic. If your toaster doesn’t work, it’s not that big a deal. You can make […]

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